About Me

I am a wedding photographer based in Rock near Wadebridge in Cornwall.  Below you will find a little about me and my background.  However, I am available for personal meetings to discuss your wedding.  Please call to  arrange a meeting.  Tel: 01208 862 149.

Andy Butler

Wedding Photographer

Andy Butler

I’m Andy Butler, and I love taking photographs.  I especially love taking good photos of people, by which I mean capturing them at their best: smiling naturally, looking happy, sharing moments with those around them.  Obviously, a wedding is an ideal environment for this kind of photography, which is why I am a wedding photographer.

I began taking photos at the advanced age of 21, using rolls of film, before digital cameras were invented.  This means that I’m very good at getting the moment right first time – it becomes expensive if you have to wade through hundreds of duff shots for every good one! Developing my own images in a dark room taught me a huge amount about framing, exposure and using the light, and since going digital, I’ve mastered the technology to edit and prepare my photographs in Photoshop.  I am a Licentiate member of both the Master Photographers Association, and the British Institute of Professional Photographers, so you can be assured that I’m a ‘proper’ photographer, not a ‘happy snapper’.

I have plenty of experience wrangling groups of people, but can also blend into the scenery when required.  You really don’t want a six-foot tall guy peering down a lens from three feet away when you’re trying to kiss your bride, guys, do you?


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